Text Messaging On Website For Mobile Users

Text Messaging On Website For Mobile Users

Example of text messaging on smartphoneBoth individuals and businesses are pretty much buried with various forms of communication these days, and it can be a daunting task trying to keep up with it all. If you’re trying to decide on which form of communication might be most effective for your organization, there’s a lot to be said for website texting and SMS website texting. Virtually everyone is comfortable with text messages, and they generally take much less time to compose than a formal email would. WordPress texting makes it easy to keep in touch with customers, potential clients, business associates, suppliers, and anyone else important to your enterprise.

Why text messages are so popular

Over the past few years, website texting and text messages, in general, have become enormously popular, and it’s easy to understand why. Here are some of the advantages provided by text message:

  • It’s everywhere – It is known that over 90% of all smartphone owners have their devices within easy reach, and that means they can be contacted at virtually any time of day, in any setting. Believe it or not, at least 40% of all cellphone owners even sleep with their phones! Since practically all cell phones are enabled for SMS texting, everyone can be contacted in any situation.
  • Text messages are immediate – As opposed to emails, which might take as long as 90 minutes to get a response, text messages are typically responded to within 90 seconds. Anytime you’re issuing information that has a time-sensitive nature to it, you’ll want it to be read and reacted to as quickly as possible, and for that, text messaging fills the bill nicely.
  • Text messages are read more often – Rates for opening and reading email generally range between 15 and 22%, which may not be a bad rate by itself. However, it can’t compare to the rate for opening text messages, which hovers around an astonishing 98%. This means if you want to be sure your message gets read, you need to send it via text.
  • Organizations can build their audiences – Many businesses and organizations are coming to the conclusion that they just don’t have the same level of contact with communities they worked hard to build on Facebook and other platforms, as organic reach drops to the single digits. By comparison, text messaging allows your business to reach every single user who opted in for messaging, regardless of how many subscribers you might accumulate on your list.
  • Text messaging doesn’t require downloads – Unlike some other forms of messaging, text messages do not require anything to be downloaded at all. If you’re looking to encourage more traffic to land on a specific page of your website, all you need do is type a keyword to a short code, in order to get an automatic text reply containing a link to your menu, download page, or website.

Choosing what works

As a business owner, you need to choose strategies that are effective and which work well for your company. In terms of communicating and getting your message out, one of the very most effective strategies you can use is text messaging. It’s what everyone else in the country and around the globe is using most consistently, and that means you need to be involved with it as well, to be sure you’re in sync with your target audience.

HTML texting code for your website

Below is a link code to add to your website. To modify, change the number to your business text number and add it to your website. When you click the link from the website, it will automatically open up your primary text message application.

This is how it will appear on your website
Mobile Users Text Us Here

To try it on your mobile smartphone, simply scan the QR code below.
GR code URL Connect Locals

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