Email Signature exampleWhy Having An Email Signature Is Important

Having an email signature is much more important than you might think, and it’s much more than just an identification of the sender. Each time you send an email to a business contact, you increase your brand recognition. If you have all your employees attach signatures to their emails as well, you’ll be generating a lot of brand recognition in just a single day. It adds a note of professionalism and includes a bit of personality in each communication issued by members of your company. Here are some of the other reasons why including your signature on emails will be well worth the effort.

Digital business card

Your signature serves as a digital business card, providing contact information to the recipient and demonstrating your willingness to communicate. It will be much more memorable than an ordinary typed signature, which means your company name will also become much better remembered. That’s what you want to achieve, in addition to whatever the communication was about.


One of the easiest ways to increase brand recognition is to attach your email signature to communications and to encourage all employees at your company to do the same. Daily, some communications will be delivered to business associates and contacts, all with your company name prominently displayed and available to be recognized and remembered.

Reflection on your business

It’s a good reflection on your business to include email signatures because it conveys the notion that your company is well-established and reliable. Every recipient might then unconsciously think that yours is a company they might want to do business with. Even if your company is relatively new on the business landscape, the impression given by your signature is one of enduring success and achievement.

Personal association

Including a personal photo and your email signature is even more effective than the signature alone. It allows the recipient to connect personally with you and remember your face. When business connections are formed, they often lead to deeper connections such as regular sales and more frequent communications.

Including links

You might even want to include relevant or important links in your email signature because these links can be helpful to the recipient, while also benefiting your company. As an example, you could include your company phone number to make communications ultra-easy with email recipients. If you’re trying to build your presence on social media, you could include icons connecting to whatever channels and platforms you use. You might even want to include a link to your company newsletter or blog if you’re trying to increase readership and familiarity with your company.

You can get as elaborate as you want with your email signature, but be careful not to overdo it. That might have the opposite effect and turn off a recipient, so be helpful to recipients and to your company most tastefully and effectively.

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